The baptizing formula

There is no stated Scriptural credentials for a ‘baptiser’ who has to lead or perform the baptism over you.  To find a baptiser of like beliefs in the Truth is not easy anyway.

In Judaism, baptism is a ‘self-performing’ process.  If you are in a group or with someone else, there is no harm in assisting each other physically, as the baptism is performed normally in a pool, river, or wherever there is water – preferably flowing.  If needs be, even a bath at home could suffice – for the elderly or the sick, for instance.

Simply read  or state your Faith in Messiah.  The following confession is simply a guideline, based on the principles of the One True Faith and the requirements for Baptism:  “Blessed are You, YHVH our Creator, King of the universe, Who have manifested yourself as YAHU’SHUAH Messiah.  I hereby confess the sins of my past through my wilful or ignorant transgression of Your Laws. I hereby claim your Redemption as I be baptised in Your Name for Forgiveness and Reconciliation to Your Eternal Covenant.  I faithfully promise to abide by the Laws of Your Torah to the best of my ability.  Please subdue the rebellion in me against Your Laws and Guide me to closer observance thereof,  to secure a place in Your Coming Kingdom.  Blessed art Thou, YAHU’SHUAH my Saviour and King.”