The current Hebraic Restoration Movement

The current Hebraic Restoration Movement identified as the Restoration, re-identification and re-uniting of the Lost 10 Tribes with Judah (the Jews)

Let it be emphasised here, that the worldwide Hebraic Roots Restoration Movement is a totally unassociated movement of totally unassociated groups (anything from individuals to thousands).  It is not an organised association, nor even a consortium of related organisations or groups.  The only way in which members of this movement identify with each other or with this ‘Movement’,  is in their acceptance (on different levels and in non comparative sequence) of the various tenets of Truth of the ‘Original Bible Faith’.  These tenets are ‘re-discovered’ by these Truth seekers in their individual and sincere study of the Bible. An indisputable factor in this spiritual process is that, no doubt,  it is driven by the Power and Spirit of God,  as indicated in the ancient Bible Prophecies, some of which we have reviewed above.

Let us refer to our leading Scripture again:

Jeremiah 23:7  “See then, the days are coming – it is YHVH Who speaks – when people will no longer say: ‘As YHVH lives Who brought the sons of Israel out of the Land of Egypt!’  but, ‘As YHVH lives Who led back and brought home the descendants of the House of Israel out of the Land of the North and from all the countries to which He had dispersed them, to live on their own soil.’”

In our sub-heading we referred to the yet pending outcome of this ancient Prophecy as “the most spectacular and stupendous Event of all time”.

The Exodus, to Jews,  is the most important Festive Commemoration on the Jewish Calendar.  It depicts the great historic event of the liberation of the whole nation of Israel, after four centuries of slavery in the Land of Egypt, in approximately the year 1250 BCE.  After successive approaches and pleadings “to let My people go”, accompanied by ‘Signs and Wonders’ (the Ten Plagues), the ruling Farao still refused.  God then intervened and led this nation out of Egypt by way of many natural disasters.  Under miraculous Divine Guidance more than a million people, with their possessions, their cattle and their sheep, wandered in the barren Sinai desert for 40 years on their way to the Promised Land, Israel.  Their shoes and clothes never wore out and food, in the form of manna which “rained from Heaven”, was provided daily.

The second part of our leading Text above predicts an even greater event to overshadow this great Epic, when “YHVH leads back and brings home the descendants of the House of Israel out of the Land of the North and from all the countries to which He had dispersed them, to live on their own soil.”

Like many other interpreters of Scripture, the author of this Web Site, until recently, has applied this ‘regathering of Israel’ as applying to Jews (Judah) only, who have been miraculously returning to the Land of their forefathers, mainly since the 1930’s.  Hitler’s barbarous Holocaust, contrary to his intentions of wiping out God’s Remnant nation, has, more than any other factor, resulted in driving Judah back to Israel, the physical Covenant Land of YHVH.  This resulted in the miraculous re-erection of the Land and nation of Israel, when 2000 years of exile and scattering amongst the nations of the entire world, failed to wipe out their Sacred Link and Identity!  As prophesied 3000 years ahead of Time, Jerusalem was being re-established as the Capital of Israel, much to the embarrassment of the ‘Holy Roman Catholic Empire’ which had declared it ‘dead’!  And much to the discontent of the entire United Nations Community who time and time again, vote almost unanimously in one after the other Resolution over the last fifty years, against any Jewish sovereignty or rights over this disputed fraction of Land in the volatile Middle East!  And serving as a Divine Challenge to the nations of the world who almost unanimously back the Palestinians in their usurping and baseless claims to ownership of God’s Covenant Land and City – Jerusalem! Refer:  Declaring War on GodThe Truth about the Palestinians and their Claims on the Holy Land

The recent escalating developments in the Hebraic Roots Restoration Movement, have now widened our vision of Prophecy.  It has no become clear that the gradual fulfilment of the Prophecy of Restoration has been in process a long time already.  The last 4 centuries of history, have witnessed a gradual awakening amongst serious students of the Bible – no doubt advanced by the unshackling of the hold which ‘The Church’ held throughout the ‘Middle Ages’ over the minds of people.  The pace of awakening in this ‘Reformation’ has accelerated over the last 50 years due to the modern Knowledge revolution and the extent of ‘free thinking’ allowed to individuals.

The decade of the 90’s resulted in an ‘explosion’ of knowledge, spurred on by the technological revolution.  ‘Religion’ had its fair share of this explosion, as knowledge was shared and disseminated, first in print, radio and TV – and then, the Internet!

As believers, knowingly or unknowingly,  identified with the ‘Hebrew Roots Restoration Movement’ the world over,  and ‘re-discovered’ the various tenets of the Original Faith of the Bible;  as they engaged in restoring these religious observances, they identified ever closer with Judaism!  Many chose to convert fully – but this ‘final’ resolution still remains a highly contentious issue which may be identified from Scripture, as the ‘Jealousy of Ephraim’ towards their ‘brother’ Judah (Isaiah 11:12).

What is clear, is that this Restoration Movement (which includes the Sacred Name, Sabbath, Jewish Feasts. Torah, Kashrut, etc.) is an ever-increasing tidal wave of Biblical knowledge and restoration of what otherwise could be classified as tenets of Judaism, which is sweeping the religious world.  It is now also clear, that the interpretation of our leading text, concerning the wider application of ‘the Return’,  applies not only to Jews but to the wider 10 Tribe re-identification.

Many of these ‘Hebraic restorers’ have a distinct urge to ‘return’ and assist Judah with re-settling the Land of Israel.  Without proper Halachic (according to Torah) conversion to Judaism, this presents a hitherto unbridgeable obstacle.  It is the conviction of the author of this Web Site, that the world stage has been set for the ‘Grand Finale‘ of the Return and re-unification of the two ‘opposing’ Houses of Israel – a fete that only the direct Intervention by the Shepherd of Israel can attain.  A fete that will stun the world and surpass the great Miracle of the ancient Exodus, that is,  when millions of believers the world over, remnants of the ‘Lost Ten Tribes of Israel’, rediscover their ancient Hebrew Roots, after 2700 years of dispersion amongst the non-Jewish nations, and freely choose to return to their ancient heritage!  Only miraculous Divine Intervention could heal this ancient breach between Judah and the 10 Northern Tribes of Israel, to mold it into One!  It will no doubt also require Divine Influence to remove the seemingly unbridgeable obstacles which currently still make it impossible for the two ‘brothers’ to re-unite!

Only miraculous Divine Intervention could succeed in proving the Faithfulness of YHVH to His Covenantal Promises to Israel of old!

The fulfillment of the Prophecy of our leading Scripture may be closer to realisation than any of us might expect!