The Divine Plan is for ALL nations

Daniel 7:14  “Men of all peoples, nations and languages (will become) His servants.”

Revelation 7:9  “a huge crowd, impossible to count, of people from every nation, race, tribe and language, standing in front of (His) Throne … dressed in white robes …” They will serve Him day and night (verse 15) and they will never hunger or be plagued again; and God will wipe away the tears from their eyes (verse 16).

Acts 17:26  “From one single stock He created the whole human race so that they could occupy the entire earth … He did this so that all nations might seek the Deity.”

“He decreed how long each nation should flourish and what the boundary of its territory should be.”

Duet. 32:8  “When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when He divided the sons of men,  He fixed their bounds according to the number of the sons of Israel.”

We see therefore, that the nation of Israel plays a pivotal role in the arena of the nations on earth.  It would therefore not be unreasonable to conclude from the above evidence, that “the full number of the nations” may also refer to the Israelites themselves, who assimilated with the ‘other’ nations after the Kingdom of Israel split into two sections, some 7 centuries BCE.  The Northern Kingdom with its capital city Shechem, has since become known as ‘Israel’ (10 Tribes) and the Southern Jewish Kingdom, with its capital city Jerusalem, as  ‘Judah’,  the kingdom of the Jews and the tribe of Benjamin.

By the time that the discussion of the Prophecy of our topic took place,  round about the first 30 years of our Common Era,  the 10 northern tribes in exile were still identifiable as living amongst the nations ‘across the Euphrates river’.  By this time they had already intermingled with the nations in a gradual process of assimilation and disappearance.  They had been ejected from their homeland seven centuries earlier, cut off from Judah and rejected by God as His ‘Bride’

It is for the reconciliation of these Lost 10 Tribes of Israel, mainly, and through them all  the other nations,  that Messiah had come – in order to bring them back into the Eternal Covenant from which they had been cut off, rejected, without hope of salvation.  (Refer  The Original True Gospel)

The Fullness of the Nations’,
the Restoration of 10-Israel in exile,
and the re-unification of the 2 Houses of Israel

The history of Israel confirms the splitting of the 12 Tribed nation into two and the resultant exile, assimilation and disappearance of the Ten Northern Tribes, while Judah retained the Southern Kingdom with Jerusalem as its capitol until they were exiled also after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 CE.  Prophetic Scripture though, foretells (Ezek. 37:15) the re-unification of these two estranged Houses of Israel to form One nation once again.

The original Hebraic Messianic Faith, was directed by Messiah to go to these Lost Ten Tribes in dispersion amongst the nations.  Because of their having lost their True Identity and having assimilated with the other nations, history does not bear clear proof of who it was that accepted the Messiah throughout the centuries destined for the Reconciliation of the Lost House of Israel:  whether it was the assimilated Israelites,  the non-Jewish nations, or both.

The originally Jewish Messianic Faith, by the 3rd century CE., having gradually been moving away from Judaism as it became invaded by the pagan customs of the nations, founded the Roman Catholic Church and became strongly anti-Semitic, except for a small remnant which retained the original Jewish Messianic Faith.  This remnant was persecuted from both the Jewish and the Christian sides and disappeared into oblivion amongst the nations.

Roman Catholicism adapted a new Messianic Faith, and the Identity of the originally Jewish Messiah was substituted with a pseudo ‘messiah’, structured on pagan traditions. This ‘new’ messiah was totally opposite to the Original.  The new ‘Christian’ religion gave him a new date of birth, 25 December, the same date as paganism’s sun god Zeus, and even his name ‘Jezus’, was a memorial of Zeus i.e. JeZeus.  This new messiah was purported to have annulled the ‘Jewish Laws’ with its Sabbath and Feast days, and a whole new religious order was created, totally opposite to the Original Messiah’s religion of Judaism.  Christian edicts and forces under the emblem of the Church, forcibly converted Jews to the new religion and many who refused, were killed in ‘the name of the god of Christianity’.