The Hidden Mystery: Blindness strikes BOTH Houses of Israel

This entire culminating Separation Drama between God and the House of Israel lies hidden in the history of Israel and in the seldom read Bible books of Kings and Chronicles: ref:
1 Kings ch. 11 &12;  2 Kings ch. 17. 2 Chronicles ch. 10, 11 & 12.

These chapters are truly a MUST READ for establishing this Revelation of the One True Gospel which have been concealed by miss-interpretation and miss-representation until the End Times!

Read this parting remark by the House of Northern 10-Israel which must have pierced the heart of God:]

1 Kings 12:16, “What share do we have in David, what part in Jesse’s son? To your tents, Israel! Look after your own house, David!”

Regarding the Messianic Reconciliation, Judah has been majorly blinded to His Advent 2000 years ago – this conforming to the Divine Decree (Romans ch. 11).

This chapter from the book of Romans, reveals (v.25) that this whole matter was concealed by God in previous times.  It concludes that Judah’s rejection of the Messianic Gospel was simply for the benefit of the other nations, who were then granted the opportunity to receive Him  (Rom 11:11-15;  28,29).

Eph 3:5, 6  “In past generations it was not made known to mankind, as the Spirit is now revealing it …that in union with the Messiah and through the Gospel,  the Gentiles were to be joint heirs, a joint body and joint sharers with the Jews in what God has promised.” (Stern)

With all the new evidence provided today, 2000 years later,  and by way of the astonishing re-identification of ‘Lost Israel’ (prophesied for the ‘End Times’),  over the last decade,  as well as the ‘increase in Knowledge’ predicted by the prophet Daniel for the End Time (Daniel 12:3,4),  it seems clear that the apostles of the New Testament did not fully grasp this implication or the Messianic Instruction to “go rather to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.”

If the Messianic Reconciliation was for the sake of ‘Lost Israel’ and not for Judah, why were the first Messianic believers mainly Jews?

It was vital but also logic, that the initial Messianic Congregation and Message had to be based on Jewish principles,  being a development within the Jewish nation and based on ancient Divine Promises to the ‘Chosen nation’ of YHVH, ‘the God of Israel’,  according to the Original True Hebraic Faith and Prophetic Scriptures.  It is so often assumed that the original Messianic congregations were based on ‘Christian principles’.  Truth is that the truly ‘Christian Church’ was only formalised three centuries later – and then, on opposing  religious tenets!  How else could the Divine Purpose in providing a Messianic Sacrifice ever have been achieved, than by establishing the Messianic Reconciliation on the foundations of Judaism – even then, if only for a ‘kick start’?  Could it have been handed to the Goyim (non-Jewish nations)?

Though this study only features specific powerful Scriptures on the subject,  this theme really underlies all Scripture throughout the Bible, as Truth indeed should do.  There seems though,  to be some confusion regarding the use of the word ‘Gentiles’ (non-Jewish nations) in some New Testament sections, where it should be referring to ‘Israel’, the 10 Tribes which, at the time, were intermingled with the nations as exiles.  As shown in this study and in texts quoted,  this whole concept (or topic) was gradually revealed and not known before. This development in revelation of former hidden things surely did not stop at the time of the writing of these texts which confirmed such a development.  The last few decades, and notably the final decades of the 90’s, saw an explosion in knowledge of the Scriptures and the Prophecies, as had been predicted by the prophet Daniel (Dan. 12:1-4). For more on the terms Gentiles – Goyim – pagans – nations, please refer to the study when you click here – The Fullness of the Gentiles

Even having originated on Jewish foundations (as indeed the first Messianic congregations did), yet, the Jewish foundations of the initial Messianic Faith soon crumbled to make way for pagan customs to infiltrate and overtake the new vibrant and fast spreading Jewish Messianic Gospel amongst ‘Lost Israel’ and the nations – thus the entry and establishment of anti-Jewish Christianity!  The great Divine Achievement would occur when,  in the ‘latter Days’, sincere believers would re-discover their Hebraic Roots and return to the Original True Hebraic Faith, as procured through the centuries by its Divinely appointed caretakers, the Jews, in Judaism. This again,  according to Divine Intention, so that out of the ‘Babylonian contortion’ of Christian Messianism, the Original True Gospel and Hebraism could be restored according to Prophecy,  as we currently have the blessed Joy to behold!

What then do we have to conclude and construe from our Scriptural analysis of the Authentic Gospel?