The Historic review to date

  • After King Solomon (970 – 931 BCE) the ancient Kingdom of Israel split into 2 opposing sectors: ‘Israel’ – the Northern sector, 10 Tribes, Main City Schechem; and ‘Judah’ – southern kingdom, 2 Tribes, Main City Jerusalem.
    720 BCE, the apostised 10 Northern tribes conquered, deported and the land repopulated with foreigners. Gradually lost their identity over the next 5 centuries.
  • 587 BCE, the southern Kingdom of Judah deported to Babylon by king Nebuchadnezzar;
  • after 70 year prophesied exile, Judah (and Benjamin) return and rebuild Jerusalem.
  • 70 CE, Jerusalem destroyed by the Romans. Jewish survivors exiled as slaves. The next 1900 years (to 1948) saw the gradual engulfing of the exiles across the globe into every country and nation on earth.
    Since World War 1, the Jews gradually trickled back to Israel from across the world. The international Balfour Declaration (1917) recognized Palestine, as the ancient Jewish Homeland.
  • 1948 State of Israel declared. Millions of Jews return over the next few years, many from the death camps of Hitler and the Holocaust. Israel built up, within a decade, to one of the strongest armies in the world and a technologically advanced economy. Jewish population count in Israel, year 2000 – 6 million.
  • 1980’s and 90’s – increasing awareness amongst earnest Christian Bible scholars (mainly from the USA and Western Europe) discovering their ‘Hebraic’ roots in an awakening which could be the dawn of the re-identification of “The Lost House of Israel”. Increasing awakening and acceptance of, and observance of ‘Jewish’ Sabbath, Festivals and other customs by individuals and small study clusters under the common banner of ‘Hebraic Roots Restoration Movement’, Sacred Name Movement and Messianic ‘Jewish’ Movements. Millions of pro-Israel Christians show solidarity with Judah and call for the rejection by Israel of the Oslo Peace Accords.
  • Year 2000 – Increasing identification by individual members of the above movements, with Judah in its ‘time of distress’, as world pressure and secular, leftist Israeli powers barter Holy Land for ‘Peace’ with the Palestinians. As the Battle for Jerusalem intensifies and builds up to an Armageddon scenario, this support for Israel develops into a search by awakening ‘Israel’, for definite projects to realize active emigration of ‘non-Jewish’ settlers to the Land of Israel.


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