The Original Rebellion of the Ten Tribes of Israel

In the time of  King Solomon (970 – 931 BCE),  the ancient Kingdom of Israel split into 2 opposing sectors:  ‘Israel’ – the Northern sector, 10 Tribes, Main City Shechem;  and ‘Judah’ – the southern kingdom, 2 Tribes, with their Main City Jerusalem.  After this, the Tanach (OT) specifies and refers to the various sectors by referring to “Israel and Judah”.  It also refers to the Ten Tribes as “Ephraim’ or Joseph’.  The alert reader should bear this division in mind and steer away from the general concept that the Jews of today represent all of 12-tribed Israel.  The Bible record is very distinct in its reference to this division.

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The Northern Ten Tribes (10-Israel) vehemently rejected the religious authority of Judah and sunk into paganism under the rule of king Ahaz, Jezebel and others.  This soon earned 10-Israel the rejection of YHVH  and they were cut off from the Covenant with YHVH and exiled amongst the nations to become known as the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.

For purposes of our topic, we are particularly interested in the historic cultural and religious attitude of 10-Israel towards Judah’s  Mechoqeck leadership, which led to their rejection by YHVH,  The seldom read books of Kings and Chronicles record this history of the two greatly divided Kingdoms in very interesting style – once one is aware of this great rift in God’s People and when comparing it with the culture and attitude today, of these Ten Tribes which,  in miraculous fulfilment of Ezek. 37:15 and other Prophecies, are being re-identified and slowly re-united with Judah.  The Divine Purpose?  To mould them into One nation again, who will worship Him in unity, and according to His Torah or Laws.  We will then relate it to our topic, in an effort to resolve the ever popular rejection of Judaism and its Rabbinical leadership in the light of their Divine appointment as the Mechoqeck of YHVH.

It should be stressed here, that this Reconciliation of the 2 Divided Houses of Israel, forms the main platform for the entire Message of Redemption (Hebrew: Geulah), or Salvation, of the Bible.  It is this Reconciliation which requires the return of 10-Israel to Torah – not a selective observance according to the notions and desires of individuals, but Torah as interpreted by the appointed Lawgivers (Mechoqeck) of YHVH according to a 3500-year Academy of Rabbinic interpretation.

Though ‘Redemption‘ has become somewhat of a cliche in the vocabulary of Rabbis, a quick review of its deeper meaning would receive the acknowledgement of any qualified Rabbi on earth, that it refers to “the re-establishment of the 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel.”  For this purpose, almost every synagogue in the world will feature in its structure a reference to, or symbols of the 12 Tribes of Israel.  Just as the Board Room of the Municipality in Jerusalem in the striking features of its ceiling, features the 12 flags of the 12 Tribes – while only Judah is currently present on their board.