The Progressive Move towards ‘The Fullness of the Nations’

The True Jewish Messianic Congregation, throughout the centuries,  was ‘in the Wilderness’, being the target of both Christianity and Judaism – but it survived the ages to this day.  Meanwhile, centuries later, Catholicism became partly ‘purified’ by what became known as the Great Reformation.  As Catholicism lost its hold on the masses and was now opposed by Reformation Churches; as the invention of the printing press made Bibles available to the public and not only to the ruling Church fathers;  and as the 20th century brought democracy and human freedom,  Messianic believers started discovering more and more Bible Truths that had been suppressed for centuries by the Church.

This development reached its progressive pinnacle in the closing decades of the 20th century, in what became known as the Hebraic Roots Restoration Movement – an unassociated movement of individuals and small groups who rediscovered and restored one after the other tenet of the Original Bible Faith, as delivered by Moses on God’s instruction and revelations, to the ancient Israelites. What developed now, was a religion which drifted closer and closer to Judaism – as it has been guarded throughout the ages by the Jews according to Rabbinic guidance.

Could this Movement be the fulfillment of ‘the Time of the Gentiles,’  which is now reaching its ‘fullness’?

What we have currently (2002),  is a situation where millions of dedicated and seriously seeking Christian Messianic believers, are extricating themselves gradually from the Church establishment in all its forms and identifying more and more with a religion akin to Judaism.  Conversion to Judaism is increasingly becoming an option for what is yet a small minority of this Movement.  There also is an increasing yearning evident amongst adherents of this Movement, to want to ‘Return’ to their original Homeland, Israel, as they regard themselves as part of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel – re-identified according to the Promise of Biblical Prophecy.