The Scriptural Confirmation of the Return of 10-Israel

Ezek 20:41-43 – His ‘SIGNAL’ to the nations – in His own Words:  “I mean to gather you together from the foreign countries in which you have been scattered; through you I intend to display My Holiness for all the Nations to see … when I bring you back to the soil of Israel, to the Land I solemnly swore to give to your fathers (verse 40).  For on My Holy Mountain, on the high Mountain of Israel is where the whole House of Israel, resettled  in the country, will worship Me.”

Zechariah 10:8,  “I am going to gather them in … I shall lead them into the land of Gilead and Lebanon, and even that will not be large enough for them.”  And, quoting a Divine Promise of regathering of the dispersed nation of Israel,  “… your (previously) devastated country will now be too small for all your inhabitants.” (Jeremiah 49:19).

Isaiah 2:1-4  “In the days to come,  the Mountain of the Temple of YHVH shall tower above the mountains and be lifted higher than the hills. All the nations will stream to it,  peoples without number will come to it;  and they will say: ‘ Come let us go up  to the mountain of  YHVH,  to the Temple of the God of Jacob, that He may teach us His ways,  so that we may walk in His paths;  since the Law will go out from Zion, and the Oracle of YHVH from Jerusalem.  He will wield authority over the nations and adjudicate between many peoples;  these will hammer their swords into ploughshares, their spears into sickles.  Nation will not lift up sword against nation.  There will be no more training for war.”

Zechariah in ch. 2:14  “Sing, rejoice Daughter of Zion (Israel) for I am coming and I will live among you – it is YHVH Who speaks – Many nations will join themselves to YHVH in that Day –‘they will be My People and I will live among you’ – YHVH will take possession of Judah (the area)as His Portion in the Holy Land and He will again make Jerusalem His very Own.  Let all mankind be silent before YHVH.”

Zechariah 14:9,16  “And YHVH will be King of the whole world. When that day comes, YHVH will be unique and His Name unique.  All who survive of all the nations that have marched against Jerusalem will go up year by year to worship the King YHVH Sabaoth”.

Deuteronomy. 32:8.  “When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when He divided the sons of men, He fixed their bounds according to the number of the sons of Israel.”

Isaiah 25:6  “On this mountain (Zion, in Jerusalem), YHVH will remove … the shroud enwrapping all nations.”