The the Authentic Gospel is not a ‘Christian’ Gospel

It is not a Gospel:

  • which frees you from all obligations and puts the responsibility on God,  Who will save you by Grace only;  because He ‘understands’ and ‘forgives your inability to comply with His stringent and impossible Laws’;
  • which has done away with the Laws of God, ‘nailing them to the Cross’;
  • which  “annulled the ‘Old, Jewish’ Covenant and replaced it with  a ‘New’ Covenant of Love and Grace only”;
  • which transplanted the “old and outdated, burdensome religion of Judaism with a new, revitalised religion of  ‘freedom in the spirit’ “

But, it is a Hebraic Gospel which is based on the Eternal Promises to Abraham and Israel and conditional upon compliance with the Requirements of the Covenant.

God is perfect and He does not change.  He can not change a Perfect System. The Gospel of Salvation offers the same ultimate benefits to all mankind, whether you are physically part of His Covenant People (the Jews) or part of the other nations.  The ultimate reward is “eternal life in the physical Kingdom of God”.  The compliance parameters are also the same for Jews as for non-Jews, i.e.  observance of God’s Laws and Customs.

The qualifying process for this Divine Reward though, is different for Jews and non-Jews.

  • Jews are and have always been under the Covenant and simply have to comply with the terms of this Covenant, i.e. they have to repent and live by the Terms of the Covenant as specified in the Torah (first 5 Books of the Bible) and as interpreted comprehensively by the Rabbinic sages in the Halacha (Oral Tradition).
  • Those who are part of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel,  have to re-enter the Divine Covenant, having been ‘divorced’ as a ‘harlot’ bride, by YHVH.  This Reconciliation can only occur by the acceptance of Messiah’s Sacrifice.  Once reconciled with the Covenant, they, like the Jews, have to live by the Terms of the Covenant as specified in the Torah (first 5 Books of the Bible) and as interpreted comprehensively by the Rabbinic sages in the Halacha (Oral Tradition – refer Messiah’s Injunction to this effect in Math. 23:2; 5:17-20).
  • Non-Israelites (the other nations) seemingly have the choice to either become part of Judah, as throughout the ages, by accepting the terms of the Covenant with its Main contracting Party, the God of Israel,  and formal conversion to Judaism, or by becoming part of the Ten Tribes of Israel, by accepting the Messianic Reconciliation. Thereafter they will likewise be committed to the Covenant and its requirements

Once qualified, the same compliance is required of non-Jews as that which applies for Jews.  It is this qualifying process, which has been hidden by the traditions and erroneous interpretations of institutional religion.

We find this entire Gospel and the Messiah’s Divine Mandate,  specified by YHVH Himself in:

Isaiah 49:5-6  “And now YHVH has spoken, He Who formed Me (Messiah YAHU’SHUAH, a.k.a. Messiah ben Yosef in Judaism) in the womb to be His Servant, to bring Jacob (restored , reconciled and re-united 12-Israel) back to Him, to gather (10 ?) Israel for Him.  ‘It is not enough for You to be My Servant to restore the (12 ?) Tribes of Jacob and bring back the survivors of (10 ?) Israel.  I will (also) make You the Light of the nations so that My Salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.'”

Thus,  Messiah is to reconcile and re-unite the 2 estranged Houses of Israel and to “be a Light unto all the other nations.”  You can read more about this exciting Prophetic Reconciliation (which is in process of fulfilment right at this very time) at: Reidentifying the Lost 10 Tribes of IsraelThe Return of the Captivity of Israel

The authentic Gospel has been contorted and replaced by a watered-down version of a ‘Grace-only’ and ‘Holy Spirit inspired’ licentious anti-Torah ‘Gospel’ of noncommittal,  to deceive and mislead the personal believer.

May this study serve to provide you with the correct guidelines to reach YHVH’s  Eternal Kingdom of Peace, soon to be erected in Jerusalem.