In a strange play on Opposites,  both the Names of the Creator God (YHVH) and the Messiah (YAHU’SHUAH) have extreme opposite meanings, when one Hebrew letter only, is changed in these Names to an alternative similar ‘sounding’ alphabetic letter.  By changing even just a vowel sound, the meaning of the Name changes from ‘sacred to evil’,  from ‘good to bad’.

The lack of proper and in-depth knowledge of Hebrew, have led many ‘researchers’ to wrong conclusions in this matter.  In this age of knowledge explosion, assisted by ever advancing technological means of knowledge distribution, a lot of inappropriate ‘wisdom’ is palmed off on the unwary but serious seeker after Truth.  It would be evenly unwise to conclude, that it is therefore safer to close one’s mind to ‘new evidence’ – which would mean continuing in the old way of suppression of the Sacred Names which so revealingly identify the Truth.

It is the onus of the true believer to acquaint him/herself with restorative Truth – and it is in this spirit that BIBLE REVELATIONS share with you some revelationary knowledge on this and the many other subjects on this Web Site.