Where Prophecies meet!

Orthodox Judaism is not at all impressed by these, to them, ‘strange’ people who persist in wanting to teach them about their Messiah which Jews do not accept.  With the concept which the Church has been proclaiming about the Messiah, it should be no surprise or disappointment to Messianics that Jews refuse to accept the contorted image of Christianity’s ‘messiah’.  Yet, Messianics refuse to accept this rejection and generally persist in their self-exalted consideration of their superior knowledge to Jews.

How ludicrous this self-exalted conception is, should be clear if one considers that for 2 700 years,  the Lost Tribes of Israel have been rejecting the original Hebraic Faith.  For all this time they have been living amongst paganism, opposed to the Original True Biblical Faith of Judaism which they had rejected 700 years before their Jewish practicing Messiah walked this earth.  Now, merely after 10 or 20 years of recent re-discovery of their Original Hebraic Faith, and while they are still oblivious of many basic tenets of this Faith which they have not yet fully re-discovered, they have the audacity to regard their new-found knowledge as superior to that of Rabbinic Judaism which has been at it for all of the 2 700 years and beyond!

Is that not amazingly audacious?

Yet, Prophecy declares the re-unification of the two estranged Houses of Israel into ONE nation again!  Messianics think that Judaism will bend to their Messianic acceptance.  They underestimate Judaism’s reasoning according to a Faith which has staunchly persisted during all this 2 700 years.

How will this re-union take place?

The former part of this study above has already given us the answer:  Judah will be provoked to ‘Jealousy’ into accepting this estranged House of Israel. If this statement exuberates the Messianic reader to the prospect that Judah will in this way accept his/her Messiah – then you are going to be disappointed.  Then you are simply proving that you still refuse to accept the fact that God has blinded them to this realisation.

The jealousy which will open an inviting door by Judaism to Returning 10-Israel, is the jealousy which Messianics will unleash within Jews, not by their testifying to them about Messiah and displaying their concern for wanting so desperately to ‘save the Jews’,  but by their turning to Judah in a sincere desire to be educated in Torah; and by living a truly Jewish Torah life-style, better than Jews themselves – truly exemplary lifestyles.

Zechariah 8:23  “In those days ten men of nations (Returning 10-Israel?) of every language, will take a Jew by the sleeve and say: ‘We want to go with you, since we have learnt that God is with you.”  The same words almost, which were cried out by one of the great converts of Biblical fame, Ruth, the Moabite – clearly urging to become one with and intrinsically part of Judah on basis of Judah’s terms and principles – not on the terms of Messianic Israel.  This Return is a practical impossibility while these Messianic believers of their ‘new found restored Hebraic Faith’ remain in the Church, even if with one foot yet,  and while they frown on full integration with Jews, regarding themselves as ‘spiritually superior’, even to Rabbinic authority!.

“The sons of Judah and Israel will become truly one again!”