World Chaos predicted by Rabbis as “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble”

In March 2001, in Israel,  27 leading Rabbis and Torah Sages had made an historic declaration of the dawning of the Prophetic “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” – a Biblical Prophetic term for a period of Chaos (probably 7 years) to befall Israel and the world in what these Scriptures call ‘The End Time’.  Of course, the exact starting date of this period is not easily determined.

Following, is how this Web Site of BIBLE REVELATIONS reported on this Prophetic Event:

“Jerusalem, 27 Adar 5761 (22 March 2001) – Shofar blasts at the Western Wall  and in yeshivot (Bible Colleges), synagogues and religious schools throughout Israel, announced and celebrated the declaration by the Gedolei Yisrael (Great Ones of Israel) to formally recognize the beginning of the “Time of Jacob’s trouble.”  The singing of Psalms mingled with the wails of repentance, with tears and cries of the worshippers.

“This commemoration coincided with the time of the new moon, or start of the new Biblical month Aviv, usually designated as a “Yom Kippur Katan” (a ‘minor’ Yom Kippur or ‘Judgment Day’).

“It is significant that though these Rabbis officially and traditionally regard the 7th Biblical month (Sept/Oct – during which the ‘great’ Yom Kippur or Judgment Day commemoration falls), as the ‘New Year’ for the counting of Jewish history, this Declaration of  “Jacob’s Trouble” was really done at the dawning of the true Biblical New Year, on the new moon declared by Judaism for 25 March 2001.  The Bible determines this month as the “first of months”, Aviv.  Many Bible Scholars claimed that this was really also the true dawning of the New Millennium – after all the false starts of the secular world – to this much feared change over into the new millennium.  The dates previously set and afterwards abandoned, were:

  • 31 Dec 1999 amongst Y2K fears
  • then 31 Dec 2000 by others
  • then Sept/Oct 2001, the Sacred Season, starting 18 Oct 2001 (which is ‘officially’ regarded by Judaism as the New Year for counting history since Creation).  Many Bible scholars believedthis latter date to be the true start of the New Millennium – in fact, the start of the 7th or Sabbatical millennium since Creation

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