The ‘Personal’ Name of the ‘God of Israel’ by which He anciently revealed Himself to Moses ( 6:2).  ‘YAH’ is spelt in original Hebrew, with the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet – the ‘yood’, smallest letter in the alphabet, represented by the inverted comma ( ‘ ). YAHU also has the meaning of  ‘He is YAH’

Obscure Preservation of the Sacred Name ‘YAHU’

Hebrew personal names have meanings, and many such personal names have throughout time, been linked to the Sacred Name YAHU.  In this obscure way, the Sacred Name YAHU has been preserved for modern times, notwithstanding the fact that it has been almost totally removed from most Bible Translations.

This Name, through recent archeological discoveries in Israel, has been found to be part of more Hebrew words and names than were formerly known. There is an untold number of usages in the Tanach (‘Old Testament’) where this form of the Sacred Name is used as a conjunction in Biblical names.  Some of the more common examples of these are:

  • EliYahu (‘Elijah’)
  • YeremiYahu (‘Jeremiah’)
  • YeshiYahu (‘Isaiah’)
  • YahuShafat (‘Josephat’)
  • NetanYahu (also the name of former Israeli Prime Minister)
  • YahuNatan (‘Jonethan’)
  • and of course, the Messianic Salvation Name YAHU’SHUAH (‘Yeshuah’)

In each of the examples above, the meanings of these names refer to the Name of the Most High, eg. YAHU is Strength, my God is YAHU, etc

Similarly, the Tribe of Judah, the progeny of which to this day, still represents the original Hebraic Faith instituted by Moses according to the Divine Mandate which was handed to him personally by YAHU, God of Israel, some 4000 years ago.  All the disasters of Time failed to wipe out the Tribe of Judah, which today is known as ‘the Jews’ –  in Hebrew: Yahudim. The Tribe of Judah, in Hebrew is ‘Yahuda’, a Jew is ‘Yahudi‘. While no specific Hebrew meaning is attached to this term in the modern usage, we do find the following meanings as applied to obscure Bible characters with similar names:

‘YahuAdah’ (YAH unveils) 1 Chron. 8:36
‘YahuYadah’ (YAH knows) 2 Samuel 8:18, etc

Can it be that sinister powers have erased the linkage with the ‘guardians of His Oracles’ (the Jews) to the Name of YAHU? –  Rom 3:2  – they,  who have been His Testimony to the world all these centuries?

Strange also how, in the modern Hebrew dictionary,  three words appear in successive order:

  • Yehudah – with its derivations referring to Jews
  • YHVH – the Sacred Name, and
  • Y’SHUAH (abbreviated form for YAHU’SHUAH) – the Messiah’s Name.